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America Elects Its First Black President
Joel Gresham
On Exhibit June 16, 2008November 4, 2008

"I can remember coming to Atlanta as a college student majoring in the arts and feeling a sense of pride when I saw how Blacks were living and the political offices they held. That’s when I began to dream about the possibility that one day this country would have its first Black President.

In 1989, when I painted, America Elects its First Black President, it was only a dream. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime. And now to see this dream almost fulfilled by Senator Obama is simply amazing.” 
Joel Gresham, Artist

Made available by:
Presidential Art for Change, Inc.

Terumi Todd

Terumi was born in Tokyo, Japan. She has been interested in singing, dancing, and drawing since she was a little girl. Her parents encouraged her in many forms of arts. The schools in Japan allowed her to explore in visual and performing arts. The natural beauty of the land, as well as excellent crafts men and women, inspired her. She continues to explore Arts in various media and tries to find harmony in visual and performing arts.

Walt Wali Neil

Self-taught and universally inspired artist. Adept muralist, musician, lecturer, art consultant, and multicultural educator. Artist-in-Residence with the African-American Museum of Cleveland. Contracted muralist for Sankofa Fine Art Plus.

Bobby Bannarn

Through his apprenticeship and the resulting influence and interaction with the likes of Romie Bearden, Charles Alston, Gordon Parks, etc., Bobby has developed, refined, and perfected a style of painting that is very personal, chronicalizing history. Bobby reveals thought with a sincerity of color and expression that immediately calls to mind the likes and ability of Aaron Douglas in capturing and documenting the African-American personality. Bobby is unparalleled in capturing the intimacy of the African-American lifestyle.

Bobby Bannarn, born to Floyd W. Bannarn, America’s first African-American race car driver and brother of Henry “Mike” Bannarn, eminent in African-American art, has been painting since his childhood. Born into an adventuresome and artistic family afforded Bobby the experience and provenance rarely seen in the American art market.

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