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Hand crafted, one-of-a-kind, home decor and decorative accessories.  Celebrate African Heritage through home decor. Wellness products.  Furniture repair and refinishing.

Welcome to Wood Is Wonderful Gallery. Hand crafted pieces, for home or office.
Unique, one-of-a-kind art to beautify and enhance your living environment.

Featured Products

Poplar Table
Poplar Table
Poplar Table
SKU 00012
"Wenge"Wood Pipe
"Wenge"Wood Pipe
"Wenge"Wood Pipe
SKU 00014
YONI “Steam" Stool
YONI “Steam" Stool
YONI “Steam" Stool
SKU wwig -yoni
Oak Leaf Platter
Oak Leaf Platter
Oak Leaf Platter
Service Leaf Platter with Sections
SKU wiwg-OakLFPlt

Why Choose Us?

                                           It's simple.  What we do with wood is wonderful.

Wood Is Wonderful Gallery provides unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted home decor and decorative accessories.Pieces are crafted from various woods, using modern and traditional African carving tools and techniques. These globally inspired pieces blend with any decor.

The appreciation of wood is clearly seen and experienced when looking at all the wonderful artwork Yusef has painstakingly created.  The creativity and craftsmanship is exquisite.

Mechelle Davis
Business Owner

About Us

Yusef Crowder

Wood crafter

Woodcarver, Artisan, West African Percussionist

Yusef Crowder was born and raised in Monroe, North Carolina where he attended Winchester Avenue High School and became heavily involved in the Civil Rights Movement. In the late 50's, Yusef joined the Black Guard under the leadership of Rob Williams (Negroes With Guns). Upon graduation, Yusef moved to New York City, found work and continued his political involvement.

One day on a visit to Prospect Park, he heard a sound that would change his life forever the sound of African drumming of his future teacher, Chief Bey.Yusef followed Chief Bey for two years, was instructed in lessons for a year and eventually sent on his way. After a move to Boston, Yusef soulful drumming caught the ear of new converts. He began drumming for a variety of dance classes and eventually founded and directed the African Arts Ensemble(one of the premier African dance ensembles in the country) from 1974-1976.

The realization of a lifelong goal occurred with his journey to West Africa in 1976. He traveled to Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, Yusef found himself without financial resources, wanting to remain self-supportive, he sought the advice of a tailor who asked, What can you do?

In Boston, he had carved a drum and the tailor directed him to wood-carvers on the road to Abidjan. After a two-week apprenticeship, he carved and sold a bowl, exclaiming to himself, Wood is wonderful! Nine years were spent in Ivory Coast where various pieces that were crafted have gone all over the world. Upon his return to America in 1989, he found himself drumming again to survive. He drummed for eleven years with the Uhuru Dance Company and nine years with Barbara Sullivan African Dance Connection.

In the fall of 2003, Sandra Dickson,Co-Director, (University of Florida, College of Journalism and Communications)interviewed Yusef about his involvement as a young teen with the Black Guard in Monroe, NC. The documentary, Negroes With Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power, premiered at New York City Lincoln Center in February 2004.


We customize and will be happy to design something special for you.

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